Quest list Problem

Byzantium (I think I misspelled that)
The Crystal Crossbow

These appear on my list of quests to do in the upper left hand corner - but they do not appear on the map anywhere. I Can’t click on them either to load a location up.

Logging out/back in doesn’t make a difference.

I have not done the quests either.

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I have problem with mission, too. It appear on my list of quests but without the magnifying glass symbol. It is 3 or 4 mission form legacy of the ancients DLC. After checking several times, I think that the problem is that at the time of completing the 3rd mission in the legacy of ancients DLC on the geosphere there were not question marks, i.e. places to be explored. I had a problem with the Byzantine mission,too The mission appeared, but there was no magnifying glass, and there were no more places to explore on the geosphere. I loaded the game with two exploration slots, get mission from New Jeryho and the mission Bizancjum appeared with magnifying glass.