Terror/Panic bug

Hello there I’m not sure if I am posting the right place but here goes.

I discovered a bug while fighting in a nest, rather nasty bug I’d say. My 2 assault guys got feared by one of those towers (I dont see the name anywhere, but they have 3 bodies. ss1 top of the screen) They were both panicking into the same spot and as of now cannot move out of the spot. Probably because the tile is occupied.

ss1 - https://gyazo.com/ffaad29252d1cd63fffa88647b895ab7
ss2 - https://gyazo.com/de684f8232506090f9bff4b42697bab9

Happy holidays

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Had the same thing happen a couple of times. It seems like if they are set off by panic all solider can move at the same time and ignore occupied spaces. Once more than one unit occupies a space they are both trapped until end of mission. I was just lucky I had enough units to finish the mission when it has happened to me.

Same happens with enemies :wink:

Well I guess it would be nice when it happens to them… A very tight grouping of aliens to catch a grenade :smiley: