Stay safe everyone

First off, sorry to the mods if this is too much like fluff or spam to warrant keeping around so I understand if this gets locked or whatever, but I just wanted to take the time to quickly wish everyone - my fellow forum members and everyone at Snapshot alike - the best during these crazy Coronatimes.

One thing that’s obvious is that we have a wonderfully diverse mix of folk from across the globe posting here, and with different countries reacting and suffering with differing levels of severity to the Pandora… um, Coronavirus I just hope everyone here is still able to lead as ordinary and comfortable a life as normal.

Sorry for the shmultz, love y’all and see ya on the front lines when the crabs start getting uppity! :kissing_heart:


I think there will be no problem with the mods, I was thinking in writing something like this, and even asked in Discord how the team was dealing with this issue. A game about a deadly virus in times of a deadly virus… Jesus, what are the odds?

As someone from Portugal, just now we heard news about the first corona related death, our frontiers are closed, and today I spent more than an hour just to be able to shop basic things.

So yeah, stay safe, best wishes for everyone


I offer a third, “be safe everyone.”

Big social distancing hugs commanders.