Start with ALL DLC/some/or none?

So im totally new to PP. (I love it btw!!!)

What id like to ask more experienced players is would/should i turn on ALL the dlc that comes with the “Behemoth Editon” i just bought ? Or some, or none (as per title, lol)

In most cases like this, tbh, i usually ALWAYS do a single run with just the base game.

Ive even started a campaign in PP like this now.

But over the last couple days ive read up quite a bit on PP & it appears that theres a MASSIVE difference in the base game, & PP with all the extras.

Personally, as long as the base game isnt “busted”, im ok with a first run through as is.

BUT, if the base game is essentially “crappy” (no offence!), then id appreciate feedback asap.
Thanks in advance for any replies.

My take is to keep going with the base game. This way one can learn the mechanics, tactical, strategic and unit build combos. Next run, add a couple of DLCs to spice up the campaign

I can only agree, for the first time playing PP the DLCs with all their sidequests can easily overwhelm one especially when you don’t really know how all the mechanics work. Sure, they all add a couple of nice things but they really don’t switch the base game that massively.

Thanks for quick replies guyz.

Nice to know im on the right track :slight_smile:


Base game is still good enough despite lacking few mechanics.

DLCs mostly add parallel layers with additional mechanics which enrich game, but are completely unnecessary to win the game.

In other words DLCs add a lot of stuff to do during campaign but they don’t change ending(s) or they don’t prolong campaign in any way.

Or in another “other words” they increase difficulty because a lot is happening at once which can overwhelm along with bad RNG, which can happen to the player on strategic level. For inexperienced players it can be too much.

So yep, try to finish the base game. If at some point you will find that something went wrong and you will feel that you know enough about combat, squad management, economy and diplomacy, then run new campaign with all DLCs activated.

Or if not with all then you have here short list what to expect:

  • Living Weapon Set - add few missions with few unique items. Some consider those items not worth the costs, but I find them nice addition to the arsenal.
  • Blood and Titanium - new missions with story and enemies which can be really hard to kill at the beginning… which give research, new mechanic and items as reward. Some consider these items as too overpowered, but in my opinion - if used as addition, and not as the standard equipment, they can also nicely enrich available combat options.
  • Legacy of the Ancients - interesting story, some really nice missions and new geoscape mechanics, few research projects to perform - to obtain most powerful items in the game. And most dangerous fights this game throws at player. These need caution and it is good to postpone them at later stage of the game (yes they can be discovered relatively quickly). Some consider this DLC a chore before it is possible to get reward, but again this can be refreshing between other battles. In my opinion if player is not abusing obtained weapons then game holds quite good with this DLC, otherwise player can get too high advantage.
  • Festering Skies - DLC for which almost whole audience was waiting, and most disappointing from all DLCs, but yet it introduces mechanic which was lacking on the geoscape, introduces a lot of vehicle items (meh), also some nice additional random missions, and most importantly interesting addition to enemy ranks. Overall in the end this DLC doesn’t change much in the story, increase RNG of the geoscape (which is bad thing), but sometimes can be real fun.
  • Corrupted Horizons - the best DLC yet, despite few inconsistencies in the story it brings nice mechanic to take care of, few story missions with some research and items, also new type of soldier (little crazy but overall interesting addition) and most importantly it adds another enemy to the repertoire. That last change can really mess the battlefield, which in my opinion is really good thing. I’m not sure about general reception of DLC by other players, but these few opinions which I was able to get was also positive.

Thanks ever so much dude!!!
Great detailed answer!!

Only problem im having now tho is i appear to have stumbled on a bug.

I attempted my first “Pandoran Colony” mission when the first one appeared.

But no matter how many times i try, the controls stop working to the point i have to force close the game. Pretty much 90% of the button inputs do nothing!! Lol, im gutted !!!

Had ro stop playing for now, hopefully light will be shed at some point!!

Console or PC?

xbox series x. i liked the game when it landed on gamepas, so i ordered the Behemoth Edition.

tbh, after searching around i think im a bit stuck here now :frowning:

Yes, consoles probably need to wait for a patch.

ok…ill wait. Im pretty sure i read a patch is out end of this month, Oct., for consoles so should be soon.

Thanks for all your help

Nooooooo play through the base game first.

My advice would be to enable Blood & Titanium and the Living Weapons, but leave the rest until you’ve got the hang of the game.

If you haven’t read it already, you might find some other useful tips here: Phoenix point: some helpful hints for xcom players (updated) . I deal with each of the DLCs in the latter section.