Some thoughts on build 4

Ok just started running through build 4 and thought I’d drop a few comments.

New Recruits/Havens. Please, I was going to put that in caps repeated 3 times, add a dot or something to the geosphere on a haven with a recruit so I don’t have to search through a mass of havens to find where the recruit was. Also if you would colour code it to indicate type it would be really nice, Pencil and paper in the computer age is a pain.

Radar range indicator : Not essential it just seems to throw me off when playing that I can’t see the range of this.

Ammo : If you’re going to simulate ammo like you do then you need to give the option to buy individual rounds in bulk to refill magazines. It’s crazy having to start a battle with one turns worth of ammo left in a magazine or to faff around trashing it then getting a full one. Or just bite the bullet and give us a free reload after the battle. Also not sure how it’s working but sometimes you’re only getting two rounds when you’ve started a battle with low magazine despite the weapon burst being a divisor of the magazine capacity. For example you might get a two round burst. Seems to happen with the vector, but in build 4 I’ve armed a lot of troops with this so might just be more noticeable.

Personnel equipment screen : give us the option to assign troops to either bases or Manticores on here. When setting up squads I’m arming them as i decide which squad they are going into. It’s a pain having to come out a screen to assign, especially when you realise you didn’t remember was it soldier A or B you’ed just done. it was very much a pain in run through with two manticores and two teams and a vehicle. Also on this screen it would be nice if you give us a listing of weapon bonuses so we can decide on loadout. If you don’t want to give actual numbers, a listing of high proficiency weapons would do, just so we don’t have to keep jumping between screens to figure it out.

End of battle kill screen, at risk of copying Firaxis, I wouldn’t mind this being a thing just to see why people were getting the XP they did.

Related to this, does anyone get XP for an enemy bleed out? Read somewhere not, but wondering if you can confirm that.

Thought of another point, is it possible the enemy to “devolve” have had a few instances where the crabmen started with Machineguns and grenade launchers and then a few battles down the track they have pincers and shields. Had some low levels (1 and 2’s) combined with 5 and 6’s in these battles and wondered if the game was also taking into consideration the skill skill levels of the team when selecting enemies.

This +1

I would even add whole layer on geoscape. That after pressing some key you can see range of all your radars.

I suppose it was announced that there will be button for equipment/armor repair and magazines refill.

That would end up with situations like in Backers Build 3 where players were shooting with a weapon to empty one magazine then switching whole weapon instead of reloading. :smiley:

Burst indicators are not precise enough. When you fire in your turn you use fully single burst. When you return fire or use overwatch fire with automatic weapon then soldier uses only half bullets of single burst. It ends up in magazine having 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 or 3.5 bursts worth of bullets. But UI will show 1, 2, 3 or 4 bursts available. And when in base automatic reload doesn’t work (happens sometimes when you have low magazines supply for specific weapon) you end up starting battle with such case.

There would need to be some popup screen because there are too many factors giving xp to a soldier to fit it in single table.

Enemy is getting XP for their units bleeding. But I don’t know if they use those XP for anything. :wink: The same is with our soldiers. They get XP when they bleed. Of course soldier who will bleed out won’t use those XP. :wink: I would really love to see soldiers getting XP for bleeding enemies and for killing them by bleeding out.

Currently new enemy bases start with random mutation. Aliens don’t have progression in mutations implemented.