Some humble suggestions from a terrible player

While I enjoy the game, I’m terrible at it. I’ve only been able to win once in Rookie difficulty. I do have a few observations

  • Geoscape filters: I usually locate the Ancient Sites early in my game, before my soldiers have armor piercing weapons. This means that when my squad is ready, I have to start looking all over a crowded globe for a particular icon. A filter to show just Ancient sites, or a side note like the one used for active Pandoran sites would be welcome

  • Transit times: My base is going to be attacked and my plane is far away. Will it make it on time?

  • *Game Editor?: I always start having trouble by the middle of the game when resources start to be scarce and I don’t like raiding havens. On the original X-COM there were many game editors that helped me get past supply issues. Is there any chance we can get some info on the saved game file structure? An editor could help terrible players like me, without messing up the game for anybody else

Thanks for taking the time to read this


Nexus Mods has a mod that can do some of what you want

It adds a lot of customisation, and quality of life improvements such as travel times, No filter sadly but you can make looting a little more like the original xcom (90’s not firaxis remakes), increase squad size, adds recruit info to the haven info panel as well as trade info.

It is basically a big collection of the other mods put together in a single package, and it works really well a few graphical glitches but otherwise a solid way to tweak the game.

Can also use this one to just cheat your way through things. I did it a few times when making fatal mistakes (as a result of not noticing a notification or something, losing an entire base) and had no backup save to revert to. Or the one time I forgot to re-power the alien containment facility before spending 50 minutes capturing a Scylla.

Instant create facilities, huge sum of resources, spawn more allies or enemies, etc…

Generally ended up using it to instant-win base defenses and nest/lair missions due to my dislike of those missions and their repetitive nature.

(No idea why this isn’t just an option in the menu somewhere.)

Command list and instructions here:

Note that the Nexus mods only work for the steam / got versions. Won’t work with gamepass where the .net assembly is obfuscat ed of sorts. (Il2cpp optimised).

I think the console is disabled in gamepass version in ways beyond reverse engineering which is a shame.

Ancient site Filters and transit time are great ideas!

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