Some feed back, breaking weapons and heavy soldiers

holy crap, the AI loves to destroy your weapons with grenades, I just had this happen grenade spam destroyed all my assault rifles. So I build new ones watching a haven fall as I do so as I have no weapons. The next mission I go to. All my weapons get destroyed by grenade spam.

Granted it is the only way the early game AI can do anything to me, but still IT is more then a little annoying to have to stop everything you are doing and build new rifles can’t just stock pile them either do to the limited resources and need to get ammo.

Can we please have an early game project for reinforcing weapons, like after you examine the worms for example it becomes active. As well this might be needed the AI loves to break your weapons if it can’t kill you, and explosive spam does so by default. I have gotten into a habit of swapping people to freaking medkits at the end of the turn if I can just to minigate the loss as a lost medkit is easier to deal with.

On heavy soldiers, unless you have them armed with the grenade launcher they tend to be to inaccurate to be useful in early game leading to a situation where the moment the larger ones come out your heavy tends to be the one unit to weak to deal with them.

I have found it is better just to cross train a normal rifleman with heavy weapons, just for their launchers, as having it as a primary class is well useless at the start. Sure they can get access to the heavier armor but do to the weapon breaking problems getting more then a few sets of it is a pain in the ass.

Good news is this game isn’t one you can cheese with a good sniper as much as xcom, ever time I do it my sniper gets freaking mind fragged and I Have to hope to hell I don’t kill them getting that thing off.

Seriously how do I deal with the grenades breaking weapons.

Have a six man squad go into a medium mission, three turns in 12 weapons are broken. I have tried the mission over an over again more then a few times. At this point I think The game just becomes impossible when the AI starts spamming the grenade launcher ones.

Keep them away. Don’t let them shoot that grenade. I think it is bugged as those grenades make too much damage to equipment.

Yeah looks like distance is the only thing you can use, problem is that makes some maps impossible like the shanty town, where they I kid you not they can shoot the grenades at things they can’t even see or hear.

You wait till they start lobbing the grenades over the cavern walls in the lair missions too :rage:

Ok I think the game knows I can’t deal with grenade ones that well, fourth runthrough and I have only ever seen the damn things with a grenade launcher and melee. No other gear jsut GL and melee. They strip my weapons and tend to be pretty annoying.

On the plus side I learned your soldiers can easily beat the basic enemies to death with a medkit or bare hands.

I have started having medkits on all my soldiers not because I need to use them, but because they take 3 or 4 hits to destroy while all other items take 1 or 2. Swap all soldiers to a medkit at the end of my turn, at the start of the next swap them back to their main quick slot weapons.

This is not fun.

Overwatch and return fire with a medikit is impratical at least; better bomb them before they bomb you.

Bring two heavies with launcher, and put them on a roof in the center; everything becomes easier and almost boring once you get boom blast

Ekhm… Are you sure? Maybe you just used more medkits than you think? Because all healing equipment (medkit, stimpack and virophage kit) is more easy to destroy than any weapon when you use Bash. Or you mean that they will hold longer when enemy will use grenade launcher?

Hold longer, GL is less likely to break them it seems.

They break after bashing someone one or two times with them, though bare hand hits seem to do an ok amount of damage especially in early game.