Soldier takes fall dmg on stairs and dies

Just had the same assault first of all take falling dmg as he jumped down, then as he ran up the stairs and lastly when he run down another stair he fell and simply died to that damage…

i guess it’s ok if i restart this mission…

That sounds hilarious … wish you’d have recorded it :smiley:

There had to be some acid trap.

No, no. All damage taken was flagged as “falling dmg”. I laughed first but then i realized that i already had defeated all enemys but 2 (i don’t save in tacticals) so restart.
Definitive a bug. T’was the stairs on anu map leading to the big round object which you have to defend.

Had the same. Soldier went up the stairs, fell down literally 2 meters and died from it. I reloaded.

Another bug i encountered was when Rage Burst only shot once. Worked fine after reloading again.