Small trading vessel

Since trading becomes main source of resources (now when war with fraction can get serious :slight_smile: it would be advisible, that with invent of early heaven resource trading, some kind of small trading drone could be introduced. It could not explore, just trade among discovered heavens, maybe making “trade route points” that could be pre-defined.

Since real combat/transport ships are expensive, hard to get even by raiding (not in every heaven and brings penalty) and time of your team is important for exploration and special missions as well as heaven defenses, this could be nice for those who wish not to live on reaping factory/food production/research center raiding. Yes, 1000 resources is nice, but it could be done also by quicker trading.

As votable proposal

I agree,

A small exploration / trade ship would be a good idea. Maybe it could check out a site and let you know a bit more about it, before sending a combat team to it.

I wonder if you could set up a trading rout, where you could just instantly trade for items, rather than having to fly to that Haven.


Discussion on reporting tool has some nice ideas

Carlos Eduardo

I would rather have a different approach to trading. In my humble opinion trading is not a main thing in this game, it’s just an aspect for the player to get the types of resources he needs. The current implementation is very boring, and making automatic trading routes would be better but not something that I specifically would like. However, it’s not something that should be abusable for “infinite” resources as it currently is.

That said, a different approach is needed. For me the best option would be a panel directly accessible to the player without the need for going to the haven at all. Every discovered haven with good relations would appear on this panel and you would be able to trade with them, but not having a profit in the trade so that it can’t be abusable. Maybe you could lose a bit in the trade if you traded with the “wrong” faction for the resource, that is, you should trade tech with syn, materials with NJ and food with Anu.



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Vojin Vidanovic

@Carlos Eduardo: Surely, easiest way is by some trade panel and not going at all, but idea of game is “survival realism”



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William Hincks

@Vojin Vidanovic: They kind of lose out on the ‘Survival Realism’ when all inventory is instantly available in all places at all times. And when a Tank can roll through a concrete barrier, but can’t drive over a worm. Don’t you think?

I love this game… but they need to fix some of those basic logic points before we get much further into the ‘realism’ comparison.

And honestly, a ‘trade panel’ could be quite realistic if there were some sort of a time delay in realizing the resources, essentially it would be like a ‘market’. Phoenix Point is supported by layers of staffing that would ‘handle’ the actual travel with low level cargo ships. The military elite would not be the ones spending their time and resources swapping containers of tech with other factions.

It could be kinds cool doing it that way, especially when a few non-military trade ships get taken out and resources are lost forcing the military to investigate a threat on a trade-route.