Sky intercept / battle hangs / frozen (Hastur 1.20.1, macOS, Steam)

Phoenix Point (Hastur 1.20.1, macOS, Steam) hangs / frozen when intercepting / battling a Berith.

Clicking on Start, Stop, Auto-battle and Disengage did not help — program remains frozen.

Please see the attached screenshot.

after clicking Disengage?

Yes. After clicking Disengage, the countdown timer was stuck at 5. In fact, the whole was static with no animation at all.

Escape did not work, either. I had to click Stop on the Steam app to terminate the game.

One more thing: the battle started with a missile (?) in the middle of the screen. Maybe that’s an important clue?

I suppose it is not caused by mods? As it is on Mac.

Not using any mods.