Siren still mind controlling few units

I still see siren can mind control 1 unit per turn, mind controlling few units if possible. Its way to difficult when you encounter few sirens (esp. that it can hide somewhere and mind control if other Pandas see any of your units) and unbalanced since priest can mind control 1 unit per time.
Balance to 1 siren can mind control 1 unit

But if you hide so they can’t see you then they can’t mind control you. So it works both ways. The soldiers are realistically guerrillas not regular soldiers, so standing or crouching out of sight is a major tactic in the game.

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Nice alliviate tactics, but its unfair. Its to overpowering for unit to mind control few units, our priests cant do it, other Xcom games cant do it, so why only Siren can do? While mind controlling it still has frenzy and mighty arm attack as well as it can induce fear.

Problem arises more on maps with few sirens where they can hide and mind control squad quickly. Also they do not depend on their individual line of sight but can might control whatever any Pandorans see