Simple Amateur Balance Solutions

“=Z” - depending on the level of difficulty
*adaptation system - recalculation every x + “=Z” days
**dynamic difficulty (increase burden"weak, rare =Z" or inaction)
***evolution system

  • Arthrons, Sirens#1, Сhirons, Scylls#1 (#1- type of strength & speed, solve problems using muscles)
    • *smoothly grow armor in the “places of greatest damage”, for next missions.
    • **instead of increasing accuracy (and damage) for launcher bodypart - mutants increase the number of bullets in burst, and the number of spare/wearable ammunition (need to significantly limit ammunition for mutants in Beginner and Veteran).

When the ammunition is empty, they begin to run away from the mission (if max WillPower < “20 or =Z”) - after the battle they upgrade (+ will, + speed), to participate in other missions in the area.

  • Tritons, Sirens#2, Scyls#2 (#2- type of intellect/willpower, leaders & commanders & support for the attack, actively use skills)

    • *gradually increase the “number = Z” of monster skills, and gradually increase the power of weapons “Tier(AP=1,2,3) = Z”
      (“get smarter”, depending on the number of emergence in missions)
  • Mindfraggers:

    • #1 high throwing range (born of an egg)
    • #2 high speed, first 3 turns (born of Scylla); 4 turns to activate, otherwise escape from battle.

Separately and Important
**dynamic difficulty - The number of monsters on a mission: If the increase, then + “weak, random=Z” pool increase: armor, skills, weapons.

***evolution system - Increasing the number and quality of mutations for the monster mutation pool, increase Strength/HP monsters (replenished with time) - bind to “%=Z” on the ODI scale. (for example, increase in strength by 1 every 3%, add a set of mutations No.3 at 5%)

The ODI scale shows - current approximate % coverage + estimated rate of addition % per week / propagation speed - [14% + 45%]

***evolution system - Make time-dependent the appearance of certain types of monsters (psi-siren, bomb-chiron e.t.c.) separately for: Beginner, Veteran, Hero. (for example, 1/3 and 2/3 of game, on the scale of ODI)

I understand that the system is not enough here, treat it like a sketch with interesting ideas.

I’m not sure I understand this logic… or at least I can’t imagine it right now.

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All suggestions is facepalm ))) Different cost of skills at different difficulty my favourite )))


It is not strange, this is exactly so. Skills cannot be the same and interesting at the same time for the Legend and the Beginner.