Shooting "grammar" and chances / visual presentation

I really dislike at least grammar in current aim-ing.

Both POSSIBLE and LIKELY (TO HAPPEN) express similar degree of possibility in English, whereby likely just sounds more likely to happen.

If LIKELY should be almost GUARANTEED damage, call it guaranteed (is that red meter?)

If POSSIBLE is what might occur at lower chance best shot, that could be kept (is this chequered flashing metter?).

Also I dont get much red and yellow circle as shooting indicators - unless it shows which limbs have a guaranteed shot (inside red circle?)

I would prefer ordinary percentage level, maybe not a single number but in range (20-30% chance to hit).

Beside sometimes camera getting dumb, clarification on this would be most welclome.

As said before LASER SQUAD original, at least some form of higher cost precison shots (AIMING) and fast auto fire would be nice.

“Guaranteed” means that it definitely will happen. However, the damage isn’t guaranteed. People would be very upset if they took what was a “guaranteed” shot and missed. People get salty enough when they miss a 95% chance shot.

“Likely” means that something has more chance of happening that not happening.
“Possible” means something could happen, but doesn’t really indicate the chance of it happening.

As for the circles, they represent the cone of fire. All shots land inside the red circle. So, if you’re close enough that the red circle is completely covering your target with no gaps, then the hit will be guaranteed (that still doesn’t mean guaranteed damage though, as armor can negate it). Only around 50% of the shots will land inside the smaller yellow circle.


Thank you for clarification, I somewhat dont find it visually clear and appealing enough. Hope some rethinking how to graphically present it will be done by the end of path.

As Laser Squad - Syndicate - Xcom fan all the way, I do surely know there is no guaranteed shoot, just it was easier to determine likehood of shot and damage before. I do understand armor must be penetrated first, and with bliking armor hit possibility, as well as with death chance indicator I find to be in less of a quarell.

Also, “flashing damage line” is just possible to happen, but not guarateed/likely?

Additionally, info on what will happen on LIMB DISABLED would be great e.g. as discussed here Targeting body parts, left handed crabmen and more

Last asking - I ve seen some players shooting alreday DEAD part of body (QUEEN HEAD) and it did great damage and kill easier. Is this a bug or feature? I would expect dead limbs to give 0 damage when hit again.