[Backer Build 1] UI Information When Snap-Aiming

After playing a couple of times with the Backer Build, I do not think that the player is provided clear enough information when targeting an enemy. In particular, it is not clear to me what “likely” and “possible” exactly mean in the “likely damage” and “possible damage” indications.

My understanding is that the program must be doing some computation under the hood, based on the possible shot distribution, to find a “probability distribution” of the damage (or something akin to that). Based on such distribution, the UI shows what the “likely” and “possible” damage is.

Considering the “likely” damage, I understand that the program must have some threshold probability used to determine what “likely” is. I think that it would be an improvement if the UI was transparent about what this percentage is.

Considering the “possible” damage, I guess that it must be the maximum possible damage (i.e., the one obtained if all shots are on target). I guess the program should “know” what this probability is too, correct?

Please let me know if my assumptions on how this process work are incorrect, obviously!

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Honestly had the same concerns, and were nicelly adressed and explained here Shooting "grammar" and chances / visual presentation