Sentinel Mutations

Hey, I saw this on twitter

I tried to guess, but what do you think?

  1. Grabs your soldiers and scream for help calling allies or with after grabbing scream to stun your soldiers
  2. Generate mist
  3. Spot enemies and strenghten healing of nearby allies?

or actually probably all of them spot

  1. touch virus allies to heal them
  2. generate mist
  3. spawn something poisonous?
  1. Radar system, spots enemies and alerts aliens. Probably can disturb your troops in some ways? Reduces willpower, or aiming? More of a support role

  2. Mist generator

  3. Attacks, maybe with blobs of corrosive acid, or with tentacles like jellyfish

Honestly, going by the name I think they will be some sort of scouting unit, a stationary one that gives view to other units, going by it’s view of vision.

Looking at it’s designs, that can very much be true, though I can’t help but think they also may generate mist, or even be used as a spawning point for smaller, less dangerous enemies that can form dangerous hordes.

We can be pretty safe on the mist production mutation from this previous gif

While this is the previous appearance of the first mutation

What scares me the most is the third one, because I can’t understand what might do… Other than causing the demise of our operatives.