Scylla With Goo Ability Doesn't Count Toweards Goo Repeller Research

I know that a Goo’ey Chiron counts toward this research. However, some Scylla have the ability to Goo as well. Capturing one with this ability should count towards Goo Repeller Research.

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Second that. The Goo ability was only added recently. I never had one do that to me ever in my first play through. I’d note that the goo the Scylla shoots out is slightly different to the Chiron one, as it does damage on the first hit of it.

This begs the question, does capturing a Scylla with psychic scream count as capturing an enemy with psychic ability?

Not according to:

It was before release in last Backers Build. They added standard and poison damage to that goo head attack so it is now most dangerous Scylla head.

Right up there with the one that can daze one’s troops.

For me that one is not so bad. You still can manage to make attacks with 1 AP, and when you will disable her legs she can’t do anything to you except dazing. With poison/goo head she has ranged attack which you need to neutralize first.

I hope you are not spamming Quick Aim :wink:

With 1 AP one can shoot a pistol, launch missile, fire crossbow, or fire a PDW. Otherwise, one is out of fire power and may not be able to move to cover, or out of range of the next blast. Let alone, line up shots on any other enemies present.

I would rather deal with a bit of poison (medkits?) and one small blob of goo than basically stripped of offense and defense. After one shot from the Scylla, hopefully enough units can remove the offending head and neutralize its threat.

But, too each their own.

handguns with mark od death are good enough. :wink: But Adrenaline Rush also helps with attack. Assault rifles and shotguns work with Quick Aim (even if it is used 1 time per turn). In such situation Scylla doen’t have so high armor so each such attack brings her closer to death or retreat. :slight_smile: