Scanned the globe and only find one forge

So I have scanned the whole globe and I only manage to find 1 forge. which means I can only manufacture 1 of the ancient weapons.

Is this intentional?

I’m playing on legend and the population is at 67%

You need only one forge to build as much ancient weapons as you will that need this particular resource. But to gather the resources you need the mines. To get these ‘mines’ to work you need to stay with one aircraft with at least one soldier on this site and then you get 1 per hour per ancient lab (build more labs to get them faster).

Short, with the DLC you get:

  • 3 new resources
  • 9 ancient ‘mining’ sites to gather these resources, 3 per single resource type
  • 3 ancient ‘forge’ sites in order to be able to process these resources into weapons, one per resource type
  • 6 sites where you can find blueprints to 6 ancient weapons
  • Then you can build the 6 ancient weapons with different resource costs (always x materials + new resource(s))