Saving tactical missions with dead Scylla corrupt the save

All in the title, this is the real reason behind the save corruption involving a Scylla, sorry if there are simillar topics, but perhaps this one is more direct…

Hi, some have had the same problem. Could you please check what mutations the scylla has. Do the mutations include Death Belch and / or the ability to jump distance?

Mutations doesn’t matter, its the “prop” of the dead body of the Scylla that cause the issue !

I let her escape with 200hp to her place then follow and finish her there ,simple

Or kill her last if you’re not sure to be able to kill her and win without saving…

There is an exception to the rule of dead Scylla corrupting saves : the final mission !

Actually any tactical mission save with or without Scylla will all be corrput as far as i know.