Savegame Error, return fire bug -> no more playable

Hi at all…
I just reported with F12. I also have now the Problem that i cant load the savefile :frowning: heaven defence with scylla. It makes no difference if the scylla is shot or bleeded. And the game stocked if i shot an enemy with return fire. Therefore i have to load. But this is impossible. That makes it unplayable :-(( i just began the same Mission 4 Times. But due to return fire death on enemy Turns the game stocked. And i want to defend that heaven. I lost nearly 4 hours until now. So next try, next run… :frowning:
Furtheremore PLEASE release the hotfix of your major patch on windows store. It is still not there. Only the major patch is available not the hotfix!!!

One more thing. I love playing the game :slight_smile: i have lots of fun with it. But please Patch the major Bugs

Hi, I have found if i have launched a turret in the mission. If i claim the turret before completing the mission and saving then i don’t see to have the issue.

I just got another answer by tyr

I will try that… hope for a patch

Worked. Look at the link for a workaround. Not really nice but savegame loading is possible if no mindfragger appears After killing a scylla