Reliability of Kaos guns

Just awful. I have a shotgun, a pistol, and a sniper rifle, and I hate them. I get 0-3 shots per mission, thats just not worth it.

Drop them back into the basic base inventory or what ever you call it, and re-equip them and vola, the disabling goes away for a while.

And now, do you think SG will fix the bug?

Because after 9 months they did not fix the same bug with weapons and modules in Festering Skies, insta-repaired

Putting them in base inventory didnt fix any of them for me.

How this is being calculated anyway?

You have to purchase several units, and after missions you unequip and leave to Geoscape, you equip just before next mission

I did unenquip it for several days and I still got 40% failure chance from the begining of the tactical mission. Here went my ~1600 material for two rifles, which I can’t use :stuck_out_tongue:

it is not about days, it is about mixing several weapons of the same type in global inventory

But mixing what exacty, Kaos guns? If so, I don’t have materials to do so.
This is either bugged or a very strange machanic.

For me, failure chance should go to 0% each mission, which is not the point at the moment.

yes, kaos weapons, for example several Subjector , two, three units, eventually you will get those materials, those weapons are cheap

Ok I get it, but the question still stands.
Is this how it was supposed to work ?:slight_smile:

I just pointed out a bug, now SG is aware of that, and eventually will be fixed … or not, SG have ignored repeatedly so many bugs during last years, nobody knows

How the mechanic actually works? First shot using Kaos wepons, purchased in Marketplace, never will fumble. 0% chance of malfunction.
With every use that percentage is increased 2%, until maximun 40% , so chances of fumble are increased.
And the weapon can explode,
but what do you do when fumble is triggered? You can just use other weapons rest of the mission, or use it again, after fumble if you use same mission(edited) and fumble again it will explode.

I dont think exploiting a bug of the game solves the issue. It actually makes it worse because most people are not aware of it. While others will use it everytime, creating an additional separation in difficulty.

And you know the git good discussions will follow as usual… The bug should be solved, and the reliability of the Kaos guns should be improved.

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I guess, I just pass on that, SG is not fixing bugs from DLCs, and I use mods now, tweaking what I need.
Anyway, I dont think I am using KE DLC in the future

Nobody from Snapshot will explain how exactly is failure % dropping?
What is the mechanism here?

It doesn’t drop, it increases with every successful shot/burst by 2% upto 40%, that’s it. You can bug this out by unequipping the weapon and stacking it on another, which will then make the change back to zero.

What the heck did they do with chaos guns, here is a solution:

  • Every use increase explode chances per mission by 1%, resets after mission, weapon overheats and goes “BANG!” as the are unreliable. If they explode you have to fix them (as they have no ammo this would be their usual expense)
  • All weapons, depending on their tier have some fixed jam chances. Let’s say 3% for pistols, 5% snipers, 7% AR, if they jam, you spend 1AP to unjam. Ready for action is free unjaming. Now having assault with ready for action, running around, fixing your guns, sounds like an good idea :smiley: And makes niche skill more useful :slight_smile:
  • The above would make them a bit more reliable and fun to use, while at the same time provide some potential cost and risks if you fail to snipe close range threat with sniper. Also, having them as secondary weapon to reduce ammunition costs would make them viable for a whole game, if used sparingly while still providing much needed punch, which I think was aim of chaos weapons.

Thing is, this is theoretical… and has no consideration of the game engine in use.
Which by the way is Unity Engine.

Which makes it impossible.

Wow, just… wow. The Bullshit Of The Year Awards has new, absolutely amazing in the field, contestant.

say what? It is literally reload action coupled with same mechanic they already put in :rofl: