Release notes for todays update?

Maybe try new game and then check if there is an issue with saves? Maybe patch corrupts saves in some manner?

I intended too. I just wanted to see is the bug fixed before I start new game, then I noticed that inventory is not same as last time I checked. Hope this info can help devs to fix the bug.

P.S.: And I hope that when they are already working on it they will fix the bug when items disappear from inventory if you scrap something

Agree, players always complain, sigh.

Gee looks like a game breaking bug, I never had that before, but I don’t scrap anymore any item.

EDIT: That said your are showing a negative spirit, a patch note isn’t supposed to list fixes not done and regressions, but list stuff fixed, tss, never happy.

Read earlier messages to get the context. Bug is introduced in new patch.

Joke, it’s just a joke.

Do we know if the bug carries over to a new game yet?

probably yes as current saving messes something.

I lost all in inventory except a few recovered items from the mission as i reentered geoscape

No it doesn’t. I started the new game and after load everything is in place. Though I just had crash on AR overwatch.

I start NEW game and got this issue with empty baggage.
*btw, I play without save/load. Only “ironman”. I got issue during 2 hours of one game.

Everything was ok until I found out second base. On the first save after that ALL unused items disappeared. Reported via f12.

EDIT: In the save file from before I found second base equipment is ok

For now I’m lucky, in this campaign only one base left to find, will be the 9th. I’ll take care when it happens.

That said it’s a bit bizarre to check often the stash, the weird detail is to get back icons on geoscape I need save and reload, but then if I check the stash I lost the icons. :slight_smile:

Have you tried zooming in and out with the mouse wheel?

Upon starting PP, the launcher automatically started the new update.

As I have now started a new mission, it is hanging in the 1st special mission. Did a few reboots and it is still the same.

I enter a special mission and upon clicking start mission it does nothing. The music keeps going but nothing.

Same issue here. Definitely a bug. Have reported it via F12 ingame.