Release notes for todays update?

damn thats to much damage for a sniper :face_vomiting:

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Notes are up.

And still no reason for me to come back to the game. Still no balance improvements. The power bug finally being fixed is certainly an improvement however. More an minor annoyance than anything.


I Think it is good to see that they are focussed in Bugs. Improvements and balancing should Followe when the game breaking Bugs are out of the game! I like this patch (if no new issues occure due to the patch :wink: )
Keep on snapshot games!


Fixed an issue where the player’s units couldn’t jump through circular windows on the roofs of Disciples of Anu maps and destroying the window broke the whole building

Wow, this one was huge! :rofl:

Oh, load bearing windows in the top of the roof. Very cool…

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My game just auto-updated to latest version and all my saved equipment, spare armour etc has disappeared. Nothing in the equipment store at all. Also, area scans no longer complete - just pulse at max circumference preventing you from scanning elsewhere.

Not good, a patch which fixes some minor bugs but breaks the game!

All Equipment in your storage gone? Can anyone else confirm this issue?

Yes, happened to me as well. I tried reloading, same result.

Ok. Thats not good. I like the patched things but losing all the storage is not acceptable. Would be interesting to know if everyone have this Situation After the patch or Why you have it.
I will turn the Auto updates off until there is a clear Situation in this point. Perhaps @UnstableVoltage could give a feedback

Not everyone, but we have had a few reports of it now.

The latest info I have is that we have be able to reproduce the issue from bug reports that we’re submitted and we’re currently debugging it.

Thanks for fast response. Reproducing the issue and debugging it is the First step in solving it. Thats good news!

Expirienced no such issue.

All unused armor missing.
From weapon only NJ pistol and Deimos assault rifles remained, everything else is missing.
Ammo is not missing.

to add to this thread, I have also been losing items in storage - ammo, armor, medkits.

Loss of equipment is random. Every time I load the game I have different inventory

Maybe try new game and then check if there is an issue with saves? Maybe patch corrupts saves in some manner?

I intended too. I just wanted to see is the bug fixed before I start new game, then I noticed that inventory is not same as last time I checked. Hope this info can help devs to fix the bug.

P.S.: And I hope that when they are already working on it they will fix the bug when items disappear from inventory if you scrap something

Agree, players always complain, sigh.

Gee looks like a game breaking bug, I never had that before, but I don’t scrap anymore any item.

EDIT: That said your are showing a negative spirit, a patch note isn’t supposed to list fixes not done and regressions, but list stuff fixed, tss, never happy.

Read earlier messages to get the context. Bug is introduced in new patch.