Recruits from your base have 20 HP malus

It looks like, that recruits, that are waiting in front of your door, have 20 less HP. Usually, Recruits have Strength * 10 + 20 HP, these added 20 HP are missing. Is this working as intended, or are there some kind of hidden bonus that i dont know, like Bonus willpower for priests.

Check hotfix patch notes:

Fixed an issue where bonus stats weren’t showing up in the Training screen.

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Yes they fixed the display bug.

But recruits from PP have fixed stats even on easier difficulties as legendary:

  • 14 strength
  • 6 WP
  • 14 speed

Recruits from heavens have the same stats as your starting recruits, dependent on difficulty, for instance on veteran they come with 18 / 8 / 14 and on hero with 16 / 7 / 14.
But not the recruits from the recruitment tab in the personnel section, they always come with 14 / 6 / 14 like on legendary difficulty.

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