Rageburst broken?

Did i miss something or am i doing something wrong i wonder.

First time to destroy a lair, lvl7 heavy/assault with hell-2 cannon. - German localisation -

If i click rageburst and confirm (yes, i want to use this, indeed) the soldier simply starts firing in a random direction. Clicking confirm lets the soldier instantly shoot. No targeting screen or anything. Clicking confirm lets him shoot and most of the times it’s at my own soldiers…
Repeating: No targeting possible, so this ultimate ability is complete useless, this is a major bug.

I don’t use RB much, but if I recall correctly, select RB - aim then confirm.

you did no get a cone? with a square to center the shots


As Etermes says, when you click on RB a greyed-out cone appears. You direct this cone the same way you do for Overwatch (except the cone is a fixed size and cannot be altered), and only after you’ve done that do you hit Return for ‘Confirm’.

Be aware, RB is by definition very inaccurate - you are indiscriminately spraying a hail of lead in the general direction of the enemy and hoping that something hits. Close up, it is devastating against big targets, but you are just as likely to miss a human-sized target at a range of 5 or more tiles as you are to hit it.

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It was better without to “confirm”. Just like the Inventar button. It is now more complicated with one more not necessary click.

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Ok you need to set your direction before doing that, I had the same issue!