Quit To Desktop: Why Loading?

What is “loading” when one quits to the desktop. It sometimes takes longer for this “load” than many of the mission loads.

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Probably clearing contents of the game from page file and CPU processes.

Which would be why it says it’s “loading”? Even if you are correct, it doesn’t explain the extreme time it takes to release anything. In all of my years of using computers (all the way back to the Sinclair ZX81), this one is just odd. Thus my question.

There were others like this one.

I just thought that this observation could be tied to the error reports that Mac users are reporting when quitting to the desktop.

BTW, I can accomplish a complete shutdown and restart of my system in less time than quitting to the desktop in PP. This includes flushing file system, closing background processes and services, releasing CPU processes … Not to mention the restart of Windows along with the services and processes. I run huge database programs and data, virtual machines, all that can exit faster than PP. So one isn’t supposed to scratch one’s head and ask what is actually going on? You, and I can only speculate.

I suppose it is ralated to what programmers leave for the system and what leave for the program. Probably Phoenix Point is handling the job of closing itself instead of leaving it for the system.

And loading screen is used instead of blank screen or specific screen which would write “unloading” :slight_smile:

A conspiracy theorist would speculate that the program is amassing and analyzing data during the game play and uploading it to some Dagon entity for analysis. This is suggested by the “exit” time from a freshly launched game and for one where the session is 8+ hours. The latter, takes forever to exit, while the prior can be just a few seconds.