Questions about Council (no judging)

@UnstableVoltage As main thread about Community Council is closed I need to ask my few question here:

  1. Will you announce when Council will be selected?
  2. Will Council members be somehow recognized? Will you publish who is in this council (add some status on forum/canny/in-game)?
  3. How often will council be expanded with additional few people?

Request to others: Please don’t comment about above questions. If UV can’t answer I will understand that. If he will, please accept the answer and lets not start another long argument if something should happen or not, or how often it should happen and why.

  1. We’ve already started to go through the list and selecting some of the people we’d like to invite. We’re just setting up some automation (for the NDAs and Emails) which should be done on Monday. The plan is for us to start sending out the invites next week.

  2. We will be using Discord as our primary contact medium for the Community Council, so all will be required to have a Discord account on the server. Community Council members will have a role and distinct colour on the server. They will also have a special tag on the forums, though use of the forums will be optional.

  3. This hasn’t yet been decided. We want to start off with a smaller group and until we get the process more finely tuned, see how well it works and how useful it is. If it does become something which we continue to use, we’ll slowly add more people over time. We may even include the existing members in the selection process.