Community Council Subtotals

While Devs is busy eliminating bugs and polishing DLC2, I propose to talk about the Community Council, which started on Apr 13. Let’s say, to summarize the interim 2 past months.

I ask everyone in the Community Council to answer 5 questions:

  1. What is it and why did you enter it?
  2. Pros?
  3. Cons?
  4. The future?
  5. Blind spots?
    Remember about NDA!
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  1. here are two questions:
  • Group of people who have experience with the game who are sometimes asked to give feedback about different aspects of the game
  • I have entered it to see new content prepared by the devs and eventually give feedback about it.
  1. Sometimes we have contact with part of development team. And we can voice our concerns about changes what will come.

  2. We don’t have much impact on the features that are already in the game (doesn’t mean that we don’t have it at all).

  3. Future will come. Hard to say what you ask about. :slight_smile: Future of council? Future of the game? Future of developers?

  4. Again I’m not sure what you ask about. You ask if there will be free spots in the council? Probably there will be some later in the year.

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  1. Based on the experience of the past two months, give a forecast / opinion on the future of the Council and its impact on the game.

  2. Quite important areas / problems / questions that remained unanswered / inattention of the Council.

We give feedback to the devs to help them improve the game. We are not there to supervise them, or to guide them, or to speak on behalf of other players/groups of players. Also, we are far from the sole source of feedback to the devs.

The one thing we all have in common is we love the game and want it to be better.

My personal impression is that the game is improving a lot, and will be improving a lot more, not due to the CC in particular but because of all the feedback from all players that the devs are receiving and how that helps them to take advantage of the game’s systems.

That doesn’t mean the devs are going to deliver to every player the game that they want.

  1. There was not too much to do from our side. Like 3 sessions of questions about different aspects of the game. Future of the council will be definitely better when we will see something new before other players. But when it will happen is hard to say. What will be impact? Definitely developers listen to us, but what decisions will be taken? Who knows. :slight_smile: All changes made to the game until now are all still ideas of developers, not our insight… but who knows what they prepare over there. :slight_smile:

  2. Hard to say as we don’t watch on developers hands. :slight_smile:

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From my point of view, I think the biggest impact of the CC is that it enables us to put issues that are important to players directly under the noses of the devs in a somewhat less random way than you get on the forums or via Canny, which can be overwhelming at times.

Also, the devs will often request our opinion on what players would like to see in things like the UI etc.

Because we are a selective sample of the overall player base, most if not all players’ views are represented, so you don’t get a bias towards ‘hardcore’ or ‘easy’ play. Or perhaps a better way of putting it is that for every player who wants to somehow make the game ‘harder’, there is a counter-voice on the CC arguing why it should be ‘easier’. It’s then for the devs to decide what is the best way forward.

From my own personal viewpoint, the value of the CC has been that we have managed to get the devs to address certain issues which to me were game-breaking (don’t want to cite specific examples in case of NDA), in a way that I felt hadn’t been recognised until they began interrogating the CC directly.

As Voland says, we’re all players who love the game and want to help make it better; and my experience of the CC so far has been that it is a great advocate of the views of players on all sides of the many debates we have on these forums.


To be true those issues weren’t addressed yet. :wink: But yes, at least we know that they know.

They are acknowledged and ‘being addressed’. We have yet to be presented with the solutions, but then none of those solutions is going to be a quick fix.