Proposed Additional Stances for PP Squaddies

Didn’t UFO Enemy Unknown have the crouch/hunker down feature? It improved accuracy with a range weapon, cost about 33% time units, but wasn’t particularly good at enhancing cover. Not that I was any good at it though. The graphic would be the same as the low cover crouch currently use.

It had a kneel stance, that cost a fixed amount of 4 Time Units (very little) and served to improve accuracy.

Do they? I can’t say I remember ever seeing it. They do like to slither on the ground when moving, but when they are in the open, they usualy seem to stand tall and are easy targers.

Shoot at her, and she reacts by curling into a foetal position and trying to cover her head.
Usually by then, it’s too late because you’ve shot her head off, but you can’t blame her for trying :woozy_face:

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:rofl::rofl: Very true!