Cover Tip for the Newbies

If you’re used to XCOM, you need to get used to thinking about cover very differently. You don’t have to hug the cover to benefit from it — anything between you and the enemy can block projectiles. Sometimes it’s actually better to not hug the cover — just standing behind it at a more advantageous angle is often better. This is especially true when dealing with enemies that return fire, as they can’t catch you on the lean out.

Do not fear low cover: soldiers crouch down. A low wall that covers your flanks is usually better than “full” but narrow cover that leaves you exposed from any direction but straight ahead.

The other thing is that you can fire from any point in your movement, so you can pick a firing position that minimizes return fire, then move to end in better cover.

PP is not XCOM, so let those habits die.

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I’m sorry, I didn’t realize this game was a clone of world of tanks.
How often do you actually see marines “standing behind cover at a more advantageous angle”? I see them stuck to the friggin wall mate, and LEANING to take shots or looking over corners… that’s more realistic.
When it comes to squad tactics, hiding in plain sight is only good when you want to get killed.
Now, I understand that this is how this game works… however it’s not close to reality, it’s a hack to overcompensate for lack of proper implementation

Not necessarily. If the cover is a retangular concrete pylon, do you want to be flush up against the face where your flank is exposed at an angle, or do you want to put it directly between you and the enemy?

It doesn’t meant to be real life combat simulation. And it still do better than FiraXCOM. :slight_smile: Jesus… I’m defending game which I want to criticize in my feedback soon.

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By now Snapshot has fired hald of their Q&A department and are just “Eh, we’re just waiting to see Yoke’s list” :smiley:

I doubt that. Since my feedback about BB5 was not heard I think.

Taking advantage of cover in more or less the way you stated is a real thing, and how cover is actually used. But posture is a huge part of that. If you just stand like an idiot waiting for his picture to be taken, you’re gonna get shot.

Drills on the use of cover involve a buddy checking your posture, to see how much of you is exposed. He’ll call out “foot” if you stick your foot out.

So, standing stock still, the use you get out of cover, especially from the horrendous Return Fire, is almost exactly the same advantage the enemy gets. You’re not able to adjust your profile to make a smaller target.

That would be strange, since you did a lot of their work. Most probably, maybe due to outsode/inside pressures, or to not rush to yet another delay, the was released before being 100% ready.

Wanted to say, thanks for all your hard work helping with the game. It can be a very thankless task, writing up sensible feedback.