Propeller Legs vs Mirage Legs?

I’ve heard people (well… youtuber Perun and a couple of random internet comments) talk enormous trash about Propeller Legs. But on the other hand, they seem popular with other players. Correct me if I’m wrong but did Propeller Legs get some sort of buff this year? I mean, if nothing else, +3 mobility. Aside from that their primary use would to be jumping up to higher elevation platforms, stories, terrain, etc without the aid of ladders or stairs. A sort of worse version of xcoms muscle fiber gene mod AKA “jumpy legs”. Do you feel that Propeller Legs or a good, worthwhile bionic or not?

Then there is also the question of what goes best with a Vengeance Torso melee build? The Mirage Legs would fit thematically, both are Synedrion and add stealth and shadowstep is by no means a bad perk at all. But the ideal melee build isn’t an infiltrator, it’s a heavy-assault with a Close Quarters personal perk. It’s an open question, or at least it is for me, exactly what stealth does for non-infiltrator classes. Supposedly you are difficult to spot and cannot be targeted if unspotted (except by AOE) but you do not have the eyeball icon indicating when the enemy has eyes on you or not. Or you could forget stealth and shadowstep altogether and just go with mobility boosting Propeller Legs.

I use shadowstep for my Infiltrator/Sniper with disruptor head and thief perk. These are mainly scouts and with this setup, they reach 95% stealth.

My Heavy/Assault melee use propeller legs + vengeance armor. Leap is cheaper than dash and allows to use shortcuts, where you otherwise has to run around obstacles. Especially for level 2 lairs, this leap is pretty strong due to map layout.

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if you fight a toad with 2x detection head , the infiltrator class will help you stay undetected only.

Leap got buffed with extra range which also seems to let it jump easily up one level. It’s really useful in the right terrain on soldiers that want to get close.

At level 7 infiltrators give everyone else +50% damage for no AP/WP which is good. At lower levels I feel the other classes give more to the Infiltrator. They let them use better weapons, I really dislike crossbows so I will usually multiclass unless I get a perk to give extra proficiency.