Correct links in email?

Hi I just received the link for “Out Last house” volume 6, but it linked to volume 5 “Bread and Roses” I presume something isn’t right here? Where can I get the link for volume 6?


a new email has been sent with the correct link, but if you don’t want to wait, just change the 5 in the incorrect link to a 6

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The Briefing v6 (Our Last House) email I just got seems to have a link which leads to the previous v5’s (Bread and Roses) download page.

well until it is fixed, you can just change the 5 to a 6

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Thanks! Yeah, figured it out just before seeing your answer.

an email with a fixed link has been pushed to those that got the wrong link

Translated through Google, please understand and forgive.
The question is this: I supported the Phoenix Point on the Fig platform for $ 40. Among the awards was listed ‘The Compendium (EBook Edition)’. As I understand, those ‘The Briefing’ refers to him. If so, then why, after the 3 issues in the letters that come to my mail, the links send me to the site store for the purchase of Phoenix Points and not to the page with the new issue of ‘The Briefing’?

The Compendium will be a collection of all the stories being created for the game, not just the briefings. Since there are still stories being written the Compendium isn’t ready yet.

As for why you are being sent to the purchase page rather than the download page, I do not have an answer to that.

If you haven’t received Briefings 4, 5 or 6, you can use one of the old links and change the number in it to get to the correct page

Why don’t you say what language you speak? Maybe someone here can speak it too.

Now answering your question, The Compendium will be sent when the game launches. From my understanding It will basically be a compilation of all the stories including the 6 Briefings. Those can be downloaded by anyone, even if you are not a backer, following the links below:

I hope this answers all your questions!

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Wait what?! I hadn’t noticed until now that every Briefing had a title!

For me, the link to the actual download page is an image, while the “button looking link” is the purchase/store link… It’s kind of confusing.


Picture 1 shows how the email is when “blocking content”, picture 2 shows the “normal view”. There are 2 links in the email, one for the Briefing and one for the store, but the “first view” shows only the purchase-link.

This maybe is not a problem for most users, but the lack of separate button for the Briefing Download is confusing for me.

Picture 1


Picture 2


omg so few hours will be again taken from my life… I won’t be able to focus on my job now.

Huh, didn’t know that Briefing 6 was out; didn’t receive any emails from Snapshot.

Sender is “Phoenix Point”. It is out there and is quite fine. :slight_smile:

The sender is “contact;snapshotgames”, your client just shows “Phoenix Point” as the name :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes but I’m not talking about domain, but shown name. :slight_smile:

BTW. I love how short stories in “From the Ashes” are nested. 7 stories in one. :slight_smile: Ending with a text from the Founder. I would love to know when this text was created. And what are time boundaries of each Phoenix organization:

  • Phoenix Society,
  • Friends of the Phoenix,
  • Army of the Phoenix,
  • Second Phoenix Society,
  • Phoenix Committee,
  • Phoenix Working Group,
  • Phoenix Project

Thank you!

" Why don’t you say what language you speak? Maybe someone here can speak it too. "

I speak Russian. Few inhabitants of the Western forums are able to speak Russian fluently (though as I do in English). So it’s easier for me to translate a translator through Google and just warn about it on the forum. ))