Poll: Which faction would you join?

I agree, I think all the poll might be a litmus test for in game is which faction a player prefers to ally with on their 1st playthrough. If they replay the game they’ll possibly try the others.

Bit like Baldur’s gate. I’d bet that on 1st playthrough everyone went with the Good aligned or Cannon party there. But if they came back for a 2nd playthrough they’ll have possibly tried Neutral or Evil for a different experience.

And it being a Bioware game, I found it impossible to be anything but good anyway due to an unappealing evil path and little to choose inbetween those two. Well, my party composition did change.

Interesting idea! Do you see any easy potential in game mechanics here to separate faction playthroughs, except of endgame option like ‘push button colored as faction flag, for getting ther final cutscene’? We should have some mechanics that exclude interaction with unfriendly factions and their technologies completely for that.

It’s still a different experience due to that party composition, but I know what you mean, you just play in a similar way whist trying to keep your party members from quitting on you for being too good (unless you slaughter everyone in a NPC villager slaying rampage… which I’m not saying I did).

*ahem :no_mouth:

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I thought allying witch a faction were supposed to differentiate each play through granting access to different Tec. From what I have seen however, stealing seems to bypass the restrictions, though I didnt watch enough of BB5 to see if there are any restrictions.

I think it would be cool, of we could manufacture stolen tech - perhaps we would have to rely on raiding hostile faction supplies in order to continue using their tech. Obviously, their defence would need to be up to the challenge.

Yeah, I think that’s the potential problem. If you can get the tech either way, what’s the point of allying with any one faction over another? Maybe the research/tech that you can access could vary depending upon whether you’re an ally or an opponent of a given faction?

Actually I see only one way to minimize that tech robbery in current mechanics. *In case we can ignore worst relations with faction… Speed of every faction research should be connected to their lab bases quantity. Maybe it is already realized, but works sooooo sloooow that why it’s almost imperceptible now - so each their lab should be more effective. But after attack it should be destroyed for a couple of weeks (and at the same time exclude repeated attacks on it), and finally, mostly attacked faction just cannot get advanced researches - and you will have nothing to steal from it.
An elegant, believable and easily implemented way to have only technologies from the friendly faction - and only a little from the rest :slight_smile:

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