Point blank shooting and shooting animation

Shooting animation seems to be screwing up soldier’s aim when shooting point blank:

Using auto aim, head is automatically picked as a target. Fine by me.

Shooting animation kicks in, all bullets end up hitting the upper carapace dealing almost no damage; some shots even went above the enemy. Notice how soldier is not even aiming for the head despite autoaim suggesting that it was his target. Also notice how soft lower body is exposed and open for attack so even centre of mass shot would’ve been more preferable.

Now of course, I could’ve went with manually aimed shot and pick the location to shoot. Yet, I think that a) auto aim should check if the body part it picked can be hit through level and enemy geometry and b) animation should be more flexible and actually point the gun to the exact location that is targeted. Heck, maybe point blank attacks should have some unique animations with soldier, kicking the enemy to the ground, grabbing the enemy with one hand or even literally shoving the gun up the enemy throat.

anyways, I expect the current state of affairs to simply be caused by PP being in an early alpha stage but still, I think this issue is worth pointing out.


I would love to have point blank/sync kills animation, but this may be hard for the animators to implement considering the “mutable” nature of the enemy. What would look cool on a crabman with a pincer and a grenade launcher may clip disastrously on a gun and shield one.

Sadly, it’s probably easier the other way, as PP operatives should share similar silhouettes.

True, execution style animations might not work with modular enemies. Or, more to the point, will be hard enough to do to make it unfeasible as this is mostly a cosmetic feature. However, something like striking an enemy with a butt of a gun to force it onto the ground and then shooting it there might be flexible enough to work on most humanoid or even human-sized enemies.

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Good point. A simple “kick them down and gun them down” approach may work. Not sure how it would interact with ballistic mechanics though.

There would be possibility to shoot your knee or foot…