Play or wait. Any balance patches incomming?

Hey All,

I have been observing this game for a long time now.
Since its launch, it came a long way, but I see a DLC 5 comming in March, so I was wondering if there will be any balance patch included in it?

Is there anything to wait when it comes to gameplay, or current state is rather final?

Since Xenonauts 2 is not going to be released any time soon, I would like to give this a try.

Any balance fixes are probably going to be light at best.

I would say wait unless you have plenty of time to finish campaign before March.

About balance patch. There will be some changes but as @mcarver2000 suggested, don’t expect big overhaul. It is too late for that in development process (mods will do the trick).

There are some changes to vehicles coming in with this last DLC. If they will be exciting is hard to say. Experience may vary.

Pretty much this. Apart from the new content you may miss, saves may not be compatible between game versions and there is non-zero chance of loosing the progress (unrecoverable).

Ok, thanks for your inputs!