Plans to open up multiplayer options?

I was wondering what the current state of multiplayer is. I noticed that Chaos Reborn:Adventures has been delisted from iOS.

Currently the game can only be played over official servers, but I was wondering if there were plans to open up for other methods such as TCP/IP or LAN. I’d love to play this game with others.

Are there plans for remote Play Together over Steam? I’d buy the game again there if there were.

Well - as development has stopped: rather not.

Right, but I’m saying that, if development has stopped, are there plans to open the game up more to the community? Allow the public to host servers, etc. Use direct peer to peer play? There is already hotseat play. It would be great to implement more ways for people to connect for multiplayer games as we can’t rely on enough players being logged on for pick up games.

This game has a lot of potential life in it, but the community will need to plan their own sessions.