Phoenix Point prequel

If you collect ideas for next game here I have one.

Imagine world in 2040 where Earth is ravaged after world war 3. There are only single human settlements which try to organize into havens. People need to decide which way they will choose. Will they stay independent or will they join any of 3 factions.

EDIT: Back to the internet and some free time.

So you control single character like in Deep Space, Last of Us or Half-Life. Can be third person perspective to show changes to your character. Game would be without RPG elements like leveling, but of course there should be tough decisions to make. I suppose that the setting would allow for a lot of hard choices. Fight will be with some improvised weapons, but some earlier versions of weapons available in Phoenix Point could be available there.

Traveling between settlements could be in van like Jess Miller did it (done automatically except levels with some fighting scenes and events).

You could meet NPCs from the lore. I suppose that Allen Stround and Jonas Kyratzes could shine here (dialogs, events, choices, parallel stories).

One of the stories (or maybe main story) could be relationship with a scientist who experiments with the virus. One of the endings of this single story could lead to her infection and slowly loosing her control, just like with Amanda Salter (Subject 16). This could be different strain of the virus which could leave her free will for most of the time. But in critical moment there would be a scene where you see her stranding away into ocean. There could be flashbacks of previous scenes and moments that main character shared with her. In the background during cut-scene there could be playing song: Capaldi - Before you go. You could put many different songs in different scenes. I can’t think of examples right now, but I suppose you could find proper easily (song from the trailer was also good choice).

Was all that just an excuse so that you could say that you like Lewis Capaldi? :wink:


No I can say that I like Capaldi :slight_smile: But what is more important - game in the universe of Phoenix Point made similar to Life is Strange (good soundtrack) would be great.

I have posted some other examples like Linking Park, Damian Rice which could be included.

Regardless of music what do you think of such game?

I don’t know, I’ve gone down a Lewis Capaldi hole :wink:

Serious answer - Personally I’m not that much into games that just make use of a name and switch to a different genre, even if when they do I’ll judge that game on its own merits. Take as a whole I don’t think that PP is currently a big enough title to go that direction and sweep enough fans along to make the development cost a risk worth taking.