Phoenix Point / Polaris new weapons and equipment



By new does that mean IN ADDITION or INSTEAD of what we had? Cuz I can’t find the Hel cannon on my heavy, just some measly autocannon that sounds pathetic and doesn’t give me that groovy ‘last word’ feeling when I fire it. Where’s the Goliath grenade launcher? Still researched after killing Archons? Or did the whole tactical field just get jumbled by replacement weapons? Who asked for this? Why?

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The old hel cannon is open via research of the chiron.
But the new cannon (tyr autocannon) is much better at the beginning of the game. The old hel cannon hardly ever hit and most of my heavies turn was usually only spent bashing things.

re: who asked for this, why
I didn’t ask for new weapons, but i’m really excited about them!

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Thats quite late for weapon of not so much power, but let it be for now.

I mean in addition, Hel II Cannon indeed is unlocked through Chiron autopsy, and you get a Chiron first Disciples of Anu mission, so pretty early if want to focus on that weapon.

Autopsies are unlocking most of the new and previous tech for PX project, check here:

Poisonworm–> Advanced Medkit
Triton–> new Shield
Hatching Sentinel -> new Vest
Arthron–> Mercy SG3
Mindfragger–> Goliath GL-2
Chiron–> Hel II Cannon
Siren–> new Shotgun
Acidworm --> new Assault GL
Fireworm–> new Light Sniper Rifle

I think it was on Canny, people asking for PX project having own tech, developments


Only on Legend difficulty, or have they changed this?
Otherwise it takes a while to face the first Chiron.

depending on the havens locations, it is RNG, I know.

I had to adapt too, so many days with the new Autocannon, I use Hel II Cannon a lot, but it was not so hard.

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Trying on veteran, and no, you dont get it there.
But, we will adopt. Its nice alien research gives you something new, personally I preferred old Xcom concept where it was related to what aliens used / had on them, but its developers decision.

Yes, pre Polaris it was only on Legend.
But I think it is okay that way

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Hmmm … the Wiki says it is buffed to 200 Damage, so that would also be OK for me to get it somewhat later. But I don’t know if this would be a real improvement at this stage when I probably already have access to some better weapons. And I think I will also miss the Hel II in the early stages. Today I start a new campaign and will see how this will work and feel.

But what is definitely a bit weird to me is that one will have a very early access to the Hel II on the highest difficulty compared to the lower ones.

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Extremely hard first mission with both of lot present worms and Chrion. Player needs to boost soldiers first and come back later, at least in my experience. So its not worth of advertising!

It is ONLY on Legend Difficulty!
It should be hard. No, it should be near impossible!
But it is not … I can beat the game on Legend with massive self restriction, so …


That peculiar mission is hard starter, since squad does not have many magic powers that early.
Surely, legend can be build with a lot of sweat and tears, that is the idea