Phoenix Point Leg Disabled Leg Disabled

i’ve finished the game after 3rd run on highest difficulty (without iron man coz of bugs and a wee save scumming).
Big problems:
-EGS exclusive. It is PR knee shot but also headshot to the game’s future as there will be no mods in a YEAR of game time. (Dawn of War 3 didnt last 6 months).
-Balance: Time for you to play XCOM 1 and 2 with AND without mods. While i do not recommend power creep from XCOM2 Wotc in comparison PP operatives are… weaklings. Only valid options are snipe/shotgun/explosives boogaloo. Maxing out WP is da only wey and assault guns are… inaccurate. I can even take the bulletsponge arthrons who/which are supposed to be rank and file enemies, but when you cant put half the bullets in one from more than six tiles its riddiculuos. Also their accurace and headshot rate is insane.
-Technology: PP standard stuff is useless except for the heavy cannon. Then almost no tiers exists, only variants. Laser got no pen but lot of dmg and so on. All the heavens stuff is broken or useless. Anu dtandard shotgun can and will down scylla in one rage burst. Anu sword can finish a squishy hentai fishman in 2 attacks. NJ minigun is good only for destroying light cover while rocket launcher is heavy Choice of the Year. Armors doesnt improve that means all got NJ heavy plate or we got glass cannon rush.
-Superunits. Oh my god. While PX Scarab is good in early game to break armor/cover/limbs it loses its appeal when u can get 4 lvl soldiers instead. Armadillo’s cannon is worst gun in the game unless u ram it down somones throat and make mechanic take control million times but your heavy can do it with quick aim so whats the point of wasting 4 seats. Mutog is bulletsponge and Synedrion i didnt even manufactured (manufacturing really?).
-Diplomacy. Dip what? yo go xplode those guys man thanks. its all gonna end in FFA annihilation but…
-4 types of biome. in faction flavours.
-recruiting/economy model when u have to check fifteen heavens to find class to replace your soldier. Trading resources are the same especially bcs you only trade food and face it building 3-5 farms with anu boost its the only economy u need.
-bases have no standard defenses… not even preapered shooting positions. Not even sandbags for the love of Cthulu.
Great things;
-Shooting model. Its awesome. Hat off, on then off again.
-level builder engine/algorithm is nice and working.

All this things except EGS can be adressed with minimum balancing and adding some tech.

TL;DR So instead of tactical challenge i got a pack of nutjobs unloading their fat shotgun loads all over the enemies. no xeno. Also selling my apples to Tzeentch’s cultists.