Phoenix Mentaculus feedback, corrections and suggestions

This is a thread for discussing the Phoenix Mentaculus

(former a Comprehensive Guide for Phoenix Point or an attempt at one)

Some fellow players have PMed with corrections, and that is totally fine and I very much appreciate it. However, I also wanted to create this thread so that those who wish may ask questions about the content (or express their disagreement with it), would like to see some specific topic covered in the Mentaculus or would be interested in getting involved.

At the moment I’m finishing the Research section in the Geoscape page and just making minor corrections/updates/improvements to everything else. The next big section to be reviewed will be Mission Types, which already contains a lot of information but still needs work.


This is actual tutorial for completely non experienced players. At worse, would be included as PDF, or at least as in game text. At best, deserves voice overs and screens :slight_smile: Very good effort and I like that randomness is explained too. While some people find it unpredictable, I find it charm giver, as playthroughs on same difficulties vary greatly in POIs discovered and thus paths and research taken.

Mission types might also be expanded by “What can happen at POIs” explaining that visiting havens and discovering what is behind ? POIs per se, not just for trade and recruitment, can grant additional missions, diplomacy and material perks or sometimes even grant some small but important weapons discovered, as example - out of ordinary and most frequent mission types. Another strong point of my preference.

So acquiring a (extra) ship with at least 1 soldier or vehicle (preferably both due to ambush possibility) is a biggest booster to exploration, trade and heaven defense response time - and that should be additionally stressed.

Playing single ship is convenient and has better planning but somewhat it should be introduced that building second vessel and team is essential, as game progress mission will get to other continents (and leaving with default ship leaves heavens undefended for quite long time) and more discovery is fastest way to progress. I believe this is not easy also for new players to grasp.