Official Phoenix Point Wiki

After months of work, we are finally ready to present the Official Phoenix Point Wiki.

You can find (almost) everything about the Phoenix Point there including the latest version of @VOLAND’s comprehensive player guide. Wiki is currently up-to-date for the 1.8 Arkham version. We will be updating the Wiki with each new patch.

I would like to thank everyone from the Phoenix Point community who have been helping with the Wiki. Most of all, thank you, @etermes and @VOLAND

Wiki is protected from public edits so if you want to get edit rights and help with the Wiki feel free to contact me or Voland.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know!


Now, this IS very cool! I’ve been waiting for Steam 1.0 to release to get back at the game, and this Wiki seems just the right step in the right direction!


It’s funny how your game guide is pointing out the flaws of the game. For example that it is a waste of resources to build food factories or how you can exploit the diplomacy system.

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And many more besides those :slightly_smiling_face:

To be fair, there were a few other issues as well but they got fixed in the meantime so I took them out.

That’s one of the aims of the Mentaculus, to create awareness of the problems so that they can be addressed by the devs.


All forget “Living Weapons Pack” DLC’s armor and weapons…

Thank you guys! Your explanations of game mechanics are very detailed and easy to understand!

An http-only site… with registration/login… in 2020, almost 2021… :man_facepalming: I can’t even… why? Haven’t you heard of Let’s Encrypt/ZeroSSL? I don’t even want to know know how the passwords are stored, be it forum or wiki.

Any reason you decided not to go with working on

Why they would have to work on third party site?

Maybe update medkit healing value, and add claw attack to Mutog’s repertoire.

0 benefits in reinvening the wheel instead of helping finish half-built one. AFAIK they are the only studio wasting resources on this, any game worth mentioning makes do just fine with community * wikis.
Especially when they are apparently unable to prevent user’s credentials being shouted from the rooftops. I don’t even want to know what GDPR or ePrivacy have to say about that. Seriously, the level of… incompetence? neglect? stupidy? required to deploy a non-https site with login is astounding. We are at a stage where browsers are screaming at users what a dumb idea it is to input their credentials there. And combined with people reusing passwords everywhere… yeah. Bad idea.

But why you even want to log in there? Everything is shown without any input from user side.

Just letting you know the Recent Changes page is showing several spammy pages being created (presumably by bots) eg on penis enlargement etc

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Yeah, we had a small problem with spambots recently. Thanks for letting us know. It is cleaned now and I am keeping an eye on it regularly.


Siren page Sirens -
Link Mind control in HEAD section
All Sirens (except Instigator) can [![Mind Control|30x30] as long as head is not disabled

should go to Character_Development#mind_control

that does not exist, does full Charter Development page is displayed.


Thx, fixed, it goes now to Class and Skills >> Priest >> Mind Control, as intended.


I’ve read in PP Wiki that you cannot wear modules and have Bionics at the same time.
But I remember my soldier with Vengeance Torso being able to equip Blast-Res Vest Module.
Mind you, if it is a bug it is a rather pleasant one! =)


I can confirm that, any bionic can wear modules, only mutations can’t.


My bad. I did these pages. Fixed.