Phoenix APC stuck behind an invisible wall thing

I was on a base defense mission with my B Team, I saw that I had an APC in the base though, I go to check where it spawned and it spawned somewhere that didn’t have a way in or out. the corridor leading there stopped suddenly and was replaced by something that almost looked like a portal or something.
Edit: Just did another base defense. APC got spawned in the farthest corner from the action, then it got stuck because it can’t break a small red pole. Another question: What’s the point of remote controlling a vehicle? You don’t need a person in it to drive it, so why would you remote control one? I understand with turrets you can fire as many times as you want as long as you remote control them, but that isnt the case with APCs. Is the point to take over other people’s APCs? Like using a New Jericho APC against the soldiers near it? If so I haven’t tried that yet, does that even work?