Pandoran Evolution broken

My population is alreay about 41 %. But still I didn`t encounter any Siren or Chiron.

But without Scylla I won`t be able to finish the game. Evolution should be way quicker.

I`m playing on Rookie.


Yes I agree with you.
The first quarter game is fought against unarmed Arthrons and Tritons. The second quarter against armed Arthrons and Tritons, so until mid-game.

It leads to a very easy game. I think that was the aim of that too.

Yeah, that looks like an unintended effect of trying to make the game easier/difficulty smoother… :sweat_smile:

But what time (in game) do you have the team you need to face a Scylla?

I`d have to guess, I could have taken a Scylla about Population 60 or something.

And worse: No Lair, no Citadel on the map: Population is down to 36…


Unfortunately that doesn’t say much, as Population can go down faster or slower depending on what you do. What’s the date now in you game?


No Scylla mutations so far.

There are some missions with fixed set of enemies, that contain Chiron and Siren, regardless of evolution. But if you are at 41% remaining pop already, it looks like there are many haven killed by pandas. In which month are you?

Also which difficulty setting are you running?


Rookie game.

Ah ok, evolution speed is set difficulty setting, the haven pop dieing speed is related to killed havens by pandas or other factions and by food supply. For example a haven that has 10000 food supply, thats haven pop will not die below 10000 pop size. Anu for example also increase their pops by absorbing pops of other factions. This cause a faction war where where they try to kill each other.

If you play the mainquest, you will find Siren and Chiron in different quests, where they are preset.
I can’t say the exact starting date, but if it is the 01.01.2047, your are pretty far already in timeline.

The “game lost timer” (previously ODI) is not bound to difficulty, it is bound to the pop in the world and if a high pop haven gets destroyed, its a big hit, especially if the haven has 15k and more pops.

I would like to have a savegame, so i can see, if there is something wrong there.

Scylla and Citadels are not required to finish the game. i’m at 68% pop at hero difficulty and have finished the game already. The key is to spread squads around the world.

Where can I send my savegame to you?

If you use windows 10, it in folder

%AppData%\..\LocalLow\Snapshot Games Inc\Phoenix Point\EGS

Yeah, but how can I send my savegame to YOU?

if you have a google account, you can use google drive to upload the savegame and then give permission to stranger for downloading the file.

According the the techtree: Scylla and Citadel is necessary to finish the game, or I won`t get the Yuggothian Receptacle.

my legend campaign is currently at 90% population I feel that the Pandoran Evolution is way too slow.

Scylla and Citadel is not necessary to finish the game. But it seems that is bound to faction you are allied with. Also the faction you are supporting, is building some kind of mega structure, you have to defend in one special mission. I’m not sure, but i think the buildtime for this mega structure was 6 days.

Also please change setting for your savegame, that everybody can download this without sending a request to do that.

I changed the source of the savegame.

I have looked into your savegame. It looks like the Pandas have overwhelmed south and north america already. Also the Dr. Symes quest chain leads to levels with fixed spawns for sirens and chirons.

I can show you one savegame of mine:

I’m at mid february, you are late march already. In phoenix points it is mandatory, to get soldiers and spread them around the world so you can protects these havens.

Since you are playing rookie, its fine to start with squads with a size of 4 and improve them later.
I like to use APC in my squads, so i only have a squad size of 5 + 1 APC, while the APC has been produced later to fortify my squads.

I can’t say how the game is balanced about resource management. But you need a shitload amount of techs for science labs and you can’t trade them in a good quantity. If you raid havens, you get around 500 tech, around 1000 materials, around 1000 food, depending of the kind you are raiding. If you raid for science points, you get 1000 science points per run while also train your squads to prepare your squads to defend this shortly raided haven agains pandas (or foreign faction, if at faction war).

In your savegame, alle 3 factions are in war to each other already, that means the population will drop very fast, if you dont defend them agains the other factions.

With Cthulu patch, everthing relies on population instead of ODI and population can be protected or killed (by factions and pandas). Thats the reason of your rapid pop death rate. If faction war begins, you can expect that these factions sends all(ALL) their aircrafts to enemy bases in range and raid them. So its not unusal that 10+ havens in crisis appear and if a heaven with 50k pop gets destroyed, its a very big hit.

I tend to steal a LOT from factions. Does raiding have effect on population?