Opening/closing doors?

Playing the demo yesterday, I found two green bleeps next to each other outside of a building, I put one of my soldiers on top of them, thinking it was a door, but he ended opening two crates inside of the building, yes a little bug, I suppose, but it make me wonder, Will be doors implemented in the game? I hope so, because opening doors in the original xcom was something “special”, if you know what I mean.


Yes, that should be a thing. Opening/closing as well as locking/unlocking doors, windows and hatches provides a good amount of tactical advantage during urban combat. This was a noticeable part of JA2 and even had some skills associated with it so I see no reason not to have this in PP.


So will there be any special ability to do that? And if yes, please allow to close the doors (unlike FiraXCOM). Currently it is strange to get through the doors in ghostly fashion.


It will be really strange if opening/closing doors is NOT a thing in the final game.

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FXcom doors can be closed, but because of a glitch, game often doesn’t understand that the door is closed. Sometimes even with closed door (never opened) a pod can be activated if it stands close to the door. I don’t even say about melee attacks through a closed door.

I noticed recently when playing a Haven Defence that the doors currently block LOS & blast damage, but don’t actually open or close, you simply pass through them. They’re kinda like a forcefield.

I’m assuming that’s a glitch which will be fixed in due course.