Haven maps not having door

I’m not even sure if this is the right place to post this, but I recently bought PP on PS4 and have been able to navigate most bugs through Googling solutions or work arounds. However, this one made me stop 2 campaigns now because it’s game breaking to me:

Haven (my base) defense and haven infestation clearing 100% of the time have spawned with the procedural map not aligning properly and no access from the bay to the rest of the map.

I have tried reloading past saves before the map was created, only to get what appears to be the same configuration. No amount of such previous saves fixes this problem. This has happened now on 2 consecutive campaigns, one being a infestation clearing, and one being a base defense (not the same base location).

I can live with just clearing out Havens of personnel before the strike counter reaches zero as a way of “atonement” for not destroying a nest or lair, but not being able to activate ANY map covered in mist makes the game nearly pointless to me with my RP desire to play these sort of games.

No amount of Google searching could find me any such talk of it on any patches, but I could be wrong. Have seen a few remote comments about this but nothing useful or helpful (aside from reloading save before the map was made).

Playing on PS4 Pro, most recent patch/update to my knowledge, and I don’t have a PC to play this on instead.

Any insight from anyone would be greatly appreciated. I truly love this game being a massive xcom fan, so I also know my fair share of bugs… but I never had to drop 2 consecutive campaigns in any game before because of bugs (not to mention the frequent crashes, but I can live with that).