OK.... HOW do you use the weapons in the Air Force fights?

I really am at a loss here, I have looked around but can’t find an answer! HOW… do you use the weapons in the dog fight? If I set it to auto it uses them (and you always lose) but if I try and do it myself nothing works? I click on them they power up but don’t fire, how do I get them to fire? Am I doing something wrong? Can you even do it manually, if not then it is just a waste of space and time! But I would actually like to try it out, SO… who can tell me how to use the dam thing…:slight_smile: Thanks! I keep having to replace the weapons as they get smashed every time on auto, also is it possible to repair them? Or do you just have to scrap them like I have been doing? Thanks!

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Each weapon is assigned a key. Press the key and select target (again they are assigned a key). The weapon now needs to power up before firing. Weapons now will automatically fire at the same target until one selects a new one.

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1994 missions were clearer and more engaging

This is slow, repetative, boring and with no action music

Or this is a real threat :slight_smile:

I am gonna fire VAMPIRE and play those fights!

Ok thanks! I have not logged back in yet to check this, but were does it tell you which key? Not really well explained by the developers! I but i will give this a try latter. But how do I find the key bindings? Thanks!

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It’s in the box with the weapon.

Pick weapon
Pick enemy body parts

Weapons CANT shoot all the time, wait for its scale to reload!

Dont hesitate, as soon as scale is maxed, use it!

Wait for enemy (or you) to collapse!

I see no retreat button! Must be fight to death!


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It is there in the bottom left:

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Finally a real explanation…:slight_smile: Thanks!

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It was explained in the Tutorial Battle that followed the Gift.
You can either press the relevant buttons, or I simply click my mouse on the weapon I want to fire, then click on the part of the Alien Ship I want to target. Each lights up when you click to register them.

Then that weapon will automatically fire on the ship part you’ve targeted when it powers up until you tell it to stop by targeting it on something else.

Dodge Modules and Fire Suppressant etc work in much the same way. When the enemy fires a flame weapon at you (for instance), you click on the defensive Module to get it to activate automatically against that shot - or at least I think that’s now it works now.

My pleasure.

Thanks got it sorted now!

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