No lair research topic - game not able to complete anymore

In my 6th playthrough I am aligned with Synedrion.

Just conquered a lair as first colony. Normally after that you are given the task to another lair (after that the a citadell).

But this time I`m not given the task to go for a lair.

Can I still complete the game?

Tested it out. Game can`t be completed anymore.

I consider this bug to be gamebreaking now.

I even raided a 2nd lair. Objective to raid a lair doesn`t appear.

Bug still occuring after Patch from 31.03.20.

UnstableVoltage helped me first step by giving me a hint do open the console.
Now I just need the command to let the Objective “Raid a lair” appear.

Console-command: “research complete pp PX_Alien_Lair”