New monsters needed. And a lot more!

It seems to me that every monster in the game is set up to be annoying and unfair. Like the mind control shit. Just so lame. Mind control from sirens should last 1 round max. And fuck the mind fraggers. Can’t afford to lose soldiers like that in this game. To costly.

Sirens, remove the mind control, they still have the scream. Let them be nasty as fuck, run in scream and go melee hard. But get rid of the mind control.

I was a DM for D&D for 25 years+ and there were plenty of “anal/shitty” things in there that i changed or never used. It seems to me that if these devs were DM’s there would be rust monsters, and magical items eaters all over the place. Just to make the game feel shitty and unfair to the players. (Goo monsters, give me a break.) Almost all the monsters are annoying as fuck. Fighting other groups are better.

I could have made better monsters, and better gameplay.
Trust me.

Also the characters are bland. Not like XCOM2 were you really get to know your heroes, and make them spesial. Here it’s just stats. So i give my soldier stat names to tell them apart

I have played the game a lot and i am sick and tired of the monster set up. It’s all set up to be annoying not cool. No simulation of some real gunfights. So to win one have to use anal and boring tactics.

And yes? Why does the power in my bases turn off all the time. I am way under the limit? And one more thing. Make personal transport planes part of the bases and have a base management page, so it’s easier to send these guys here and those guys there. And why not start the fight outside??? No turrets outside? No passive shit in place?

I could go on and on. This game is in early beta.

Goo monsters, and worm throwers, mind control etc etc… You guys need to do better. It gets old real quick!

Yes and the game is slow. Waiting 5 minutes for enemies to do they’re thing. Gets old. Don’t have the time.

I agree with the title …
The content though … that’s just like your opinion man …

A really annoying bug yes that for some reason they just haven’t fixed … This one pisses me off too exactly because it seems rather easy and is trolling players all the time.


Off course it’s just my opinion? I don’t hold other peoples opinions. That said, I have a sneaky suspicion that I am not alone in my critique.

The Sirens are fine… you will love them once you learn them better! :wink: I would rather fight Sirens than large groups of armored Arthrones I meet in each scavenging mission now))
And what’s not to love in worm Chirons? The little guys are nearly harmless. Easy to Mind Control or just bash them for will points from Inspire for your team!
Goo Chiron on the other hand… can be really annoying unless you plan your approach carefully. Still they are not half as dangerous as Artillery Chirons on the open maps.

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100% of the fun in the game for me has been learning how to counter everything, always.

It’s not unfair (at least not against Phoenix Point, but it’s also not particularly easy or straight-forward Pokemon style: Fire > Leaf), I guarantee you that. Never has the game presented itself to me as being “unfair”. I’ve only ever encountered a series of events upon which I learn why things are and aren’t kicking my ass, and come up with ideas to try and offset/overcome/utilize that, which I successfully continue to do, even as I continue to experiment with more and more unique builds/restrictions on my characters.

There’s some overpowered combinations for Phoenix Point, and there’s some nearly or entirely useless tech in the game, but all the tools that are needed are in here seemingly multiple times in different formats.

The game’s like opening a jigsaw puzzle with all the pieces scattered about and flipped upside down, and once you begin to finish the puzzle you realize that a few pieces are missing, some are duplicates and some don’t even belong, but for the most part it’s complete and it’s satisfying to get that far.

Or you can open it up, and go “WHAT A MESS” and throw the box in the corner making some people wonder “What the hell is that guys problem?”

What exactly is a simulation of a “real gunfight”? Lot’s of interesting things are happening in this game, but you’re always outnumbered requiring a lot of strange guerilla tactics and once things come down to more equal numbers, you overpower your opponent and crush them using the same tactics. Any attempt to fight out in the open often results in a lot of unnecessary loss and is just an always-unwise thing unless you’re the bully in the match.