New FS Mission Ideas

I think some opportunities for new missions were overlooked in FS.

  1. Aircraft salvage: a POI that is a downed but salvageable aircraft. The aircraft would require resources to return to service. This would also reduce some pressure on needing to raid for aircraft in order to keep the panda flyers in check.

  2. Downed aircraft rescue: sort of a cross between haven defense and soldier rescue, and it would allow the cool multi-level natural terrain from LotA to be used in more missions. Basically, you try to save as many aircraft crew as possible and get haven defense-like rewards.

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I asked for exactly this pretty much word-for-word back in August of last year. The response of the devs was to mark the request as “complete” as of last month because you can get a Manticore in the “The Gift” mission.

Unfortunately the impression I’ve gotten over my time on these forums is that putting time and effort into feedback and solutions to PP’s issues is pretty much a waste of time. The devs aren’t interested.