Talk of Peace but

Sometimes, in the comments, the various factions will mention that it would be nice to achieve peace between them. Could the player not be given some sort of objectives or research or such that might eventually reduce the friction between factions? It would be nice if you could not only save the world from the alien menace but also from human interactions.


I like the idea… perhaps let them keep on trash talking and go to war at which point the Phoenix Point team steps in and says enough of that, taking a hit to rep with all factions but ending the war. With some luck on haven defense and lair spawns you could keep gaining relations while preventing factions from destroying your much needed recruiting centers.

If the AI mechanics can think helping other faction could benefit their own faction that might be works. I don’t know it may cause a less action for the PP.

In fact only Synedrion would like peace, other don’t care at all. That would require a bit of re writing.

For me it’s linked to stealing factions, the design ignores too much that 80% of players want play the good guy, not the evil guy. Stealing is at best for 20% players, and in same perspective do nothing against wars is at best for those 20% players.

The problem is for combats diversity the game balance is broken if you do no stealing and avoid enter in war with a faction. You still have Haven defenses against other factions but it’s limited.

EDIT: Another aspect that need tuning is factions scaling is too much limited to their development it generates many too easy combats, and there’s a reversed difficulty scaling that the game was supposed to target (with the auto scaling or the tactic scaling)

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