Need some help from a mod please


My original e-mail account and password login, that I made some time ago, (about a year) no longer works - and neither account name or password was relevant anymore.

I’ve made a new account using the same details but I’d like to know if this effects my pre-order.
for clarification - I had filled in the google form, but not the TransferWire one as I have changed my mind on the refund. Can anyone tell me if this account is still working please, and if I’ll still receive backer build 4?

Backer Builds (and any other game rewards) just get sent to the email address you used to back the game. We don’t use any accounts for anything.

Okay - so if I don’t fill out the TransferWire form would I be correct in assuming that everything would return to normal?

Also would you have any idea what happened to my old forum account? It really does not matter - but I’m curious. Either way - thanks for your help UnstableVoltage!

Correct. If you don’t fill in the TransferWise form then the refund will not complete. As for your old forum account, is it possible that was on our old forums?

Actually yes, come to think of it I think it was a much older forum - geeze, as so much time passed already!

Last question - then I’ll leave you alone! :grinning: Do you how long before the refund process is switched off as I don’t want to miss backer build 4!

You have until April 12th to request a refund.